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Dutton Road Veterinary Clinic is a full service animal clinic and surgical facility located in Northeast Philadelphia. We are happy to provide routine care for your pet in all stages of its life. Included in that care are annual exams, parasite treatment, microchipping, prescription food and medication, spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, blood work, allergy testing and health certificates for domestic and international travel. In addition to routine check-ups, annual exams, and in-depth management of long term or chronic conditions, we are also equipped to handle urgent medical, surgical and dental issues and major and minor wound repair.

Dental X-Rays

Given our background in greyhound adoption, it should be no surprise that Dutton Road Veterinary Clinic specializes in pet dentistry. We offer dental touch-ups as well as full ultrasonic scaling, cleaning and polishing under anesthesia. Our staff is well versed in identifying typical dental issues as well as those that are more obscure, and have digital dental x-ray units at their disposal when necessary. For more advanced periodontal disease, we offer dental extractions and even dental bonding when appropriate. An integral part of our extraction procedure is the use of our CO2 laser. After extraction, the CO2 laser is directed into the cavity left by the tooth to stop blood flow, kill bacteria, help coagulation and facilitate accelerated healing. If necessary, the laser is also used for this same purpose on inflamed and ulcerated gums and gumlines. Very few veterinary dental facilities offer this service.

To help identify the nature of your pet's specific ailment, our facility is equipped with multiple modern diagnostic tools such as our Fuji digital x-ray machine, digital dental x-ray machines, and ultrasound unit. Most blood work and chemistry can be analyzed in-house to ensure the timely diagnosis of your pet and safely facilitate same-day procedures when necessary.

We perform approximately 1500 anesthetic and surgical procedures on dogs and cats every year. These procedures range from routine spays/neuters to abdominal exploratories to amputations. Many of our surgeries are done using the laser which drastically reduces postoperative complications and shortens recovery time. We offer numerous soft tissue, orthopedic and neurologic surgeries at very affordable prices. Do not hesitate to call us for a quote and compare prices with other veterinary clinics and specialty facilities.

For pets experiencing skin inflammation, arthritis, joint and muscle pain, or stiffness, we have several therapy lasers on-site. Laser therapy helps to alleviate pain and inflammation, reduces swelling, and stimulates nerve regeneration and cells involved in tissue repair. It is extremely well tolerated by pets and does not require sedation.

Laser Therapy

Lastly, once you pet has passed on, we offer private and communal cremation services on-site.

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