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Surgical Cases

Mammary Tumors
Mammary tumors in un-spayed females can cause serious and potentially cancerous conditions. The tumor shown below, taken from an Italian greyhound estimated to be 5-8years old, was a severe case and had obviously been on the dog for quite some time. This tumor is about as bad as it can get.
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Periodontal Disease: Carson
This is about as bad as it will get!
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Little Dogs, Big Bladder Stones
What makes little dogs think they are bigger and badder than the big dogs? You always see them barking as though they are the toughest dog on the block when we know full well that any bigger dog could pick them up and then toss them aside. However, when it comes to bladder stones, the little dogs always seem to have the big dogs beat! In fact, the biggest have always come out of the smallest dogs.
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Long-Haired Canines and Their Private Parts
We have recently seen long-haired dogs with growths as a result of their long and thick hair
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Urinary Tract Infections and Their Interaction with the Vulva/ Vulvoplasty in Canines
We recently saw a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that for several years has had urinary tract related issues.
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Canines Ingesting The Wrong Thing /26 Cents
Occasionally our furry pals manage to get into and consume items that may become lodged, or otherwise retained, within their gastrointestinal tracts.
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Swelling That is Not Fluid / Oliver
Unusual fibrous tissue found after growth removal
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Too Much Skin Covering the Vulva
There are a few female dogs whose vulvar anatomy is just naturally not ideal.
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When a Hernia Becomes a Spay, a Spay Becomes a Pyometra, and the Pyometra Becomes a Splenectomy
Tammy is a 6-year-old unspayed female Chinese Crested mixed breed dog.
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Growth Removals
Recently, NGAP was presented with a non-greyhound that had significant growths all over its body. This was an excellent opportunity to show what one of our lasers can do!
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Cystotomy: Bladder Stone Removal
Many large breed dogs do not have problems with bladder stones and as a non-veterinarian I am assuming that this may be because it is easier for stones to pass in large breed dogs since the passageways are larger. Breeds that are susceptible to bladder stones are mini schnauzers, dalmatians, shih-tzus, dachshunds and bulldogs. Bladder and urethral stones may be large or small, single or multiple, and may pass spontaneously or potentially obstruct the urinary tract. Stones in the bladder may also make it very painful for the animal to urinate as well cause blood in the urine.
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Canine/Dog Bladder Cancer Surgery
This case involves a 10 year old beagle with suspected bladder cancer.
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Feline Eye Removal/Enucleation
This surgical case involves a young cat, approximately a year old, with severe eye problems.
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Important Information Regarding Weight and Age as it Relates to Neutering and Spays
Spaying and neutering our pets is critical for so many reasons
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There is nothing worse than noticing your pet isn′t acting right whether they are not eating, not getting up as usual, hiding, throwing up, having bloody diarrhea, or excessively coughing .
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